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Trikatu is a traditional Ayurvedic combination that contains ginger rhizomes, black pepper, and Indian long pepper. Trikatu is a Sanskrit name that translates to "three spices". The supplement is utilized in Ayurveda for its benefits to the digestive system, immunity and respiratory health. As the primary ingredient in Trikatu, ginger is widely recognized for its ability to pacify the digestive system. Long peppers also aid in better functioning of the overall digestive process and black pepper helps boost digestive enzymes. The combination of these three ingredients produces a powerful concoction that is widely used as an Ayurvedic digestive tonic. Trikatu is believed to offer natural respiratory support through the heat contained in its three ingredients. These warm herbs also help maintain normal blood circulation and metabolism, which is why Trikatu is used in some diet formulas. As a supplement Trikatu can be taken up to twice a day with meals in either encapsulated or powder forms.