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Massage Oils

Massage oils in Ayurveda provide all-natural body and skin care. The breadth and assortment of Ayurvedic massage oils is vast; some are ideal for treating muscle and joint discomfort, some are used for maintaining healthy skin, while others are used to massage hair for keeping it healthy. Ayurvedic massage products include traditional massage oils, as well as hand and body lotions and oils. Massage oils are created using botanical extracts and natural herbs in an oil base. The blends are traditionally created using age-old methods such as cold pressing seeds to create the oil while using copper utensils and clay fireplaces to combine the ingredients. Highly recommended for addressing muscle discomfort, skin care and hair care; some oils also provide potent therapeutic effects to the entire body by seeping into the skin through massages and providing relaxing sensations that induce peaceful and restful sleep.

Massage oils have wide spread use in traditional Ayurveda and are widely recommended for all types of massages. These oils may provide specific support for a health issues, as well as helping nourish and maintain the overall health of your body, skin, and hair on an everyday basis. The properties of each individual massage oil vary, but most are at maximum potency after they get absorbed into the skin to provide an array of benefits. The most popular Ayurvedic massage oils are rubbed onto sore or tired joints and muscles for immediate relief. Other popular oils include a pacifying oil that helps nourish, rejuvenate, and strengthen the muscles. These oils are used by athletes around the world to help provide energy and relax tired muscles. Available for a range of doshas, body types and health conditions, Ayurvedic massage oils offer a wonderful way to practice the art of Ayurveda.