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Diet Support

The science and practice of Ayurveda offers a range of herbs and Ayurvedic formulas that help promote proper diets and normal weight. Ayurvedic diet formulas are usually comprised of several ingredients which act in harmony to support the body's metabolism and strength. Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, Ayurvedic diet supplements offer a support system for numerous health functions of our bodies while providing added nutrition to help correct any imbalances. Ayurvedic diet formulas act to gently cleanse the body of stagnant substances, allowing it to properly support the intake of nutrition through the stomach walls and into the blood stream; as well as boosting metabolic functioning, allowing for easier digestion of food. The ingredients in Ayurvedic diet formulas may also promote the production of energy at a cellular level by rapidly transferring fatty acids to the mitochondria in your body; the mitochondria are intracellular structures that generate enough metabolic energy to support your diet patterns. Some dietary supplements are also designed to help maintain normal cholesterol levels as well as the normal blood sugar levels; to keep them balanced within a normal range according to the weight, size, and nature of the individual body type.