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Pitta (or Pita), commonly referred to as Pitta Dosha, is what the body uses to govern the metabolism and heat within us and also regulates how the body digests food, the way we perceive sensory input and many other important functions within the body. If you have increased Pitta, you may experience a variety of health issues from loose stools to inflammation of the joints and unpredictable mood swings. Therefore, it is essential that you balance the pitta within your body to prevent any health complications that an imbalance in Pitta can cause. Ayurvedic Pitta products, supplements and oils are designed to help balance Pitta levels and contribute to a happier healthier life. Taking Pitta balancing products - along with a healthy diet that avoids red meat, deep fried foods, sour and salty foods and caffeine - can lead to a more healthy lifestyle.