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Licorice is the root of the perennial plant, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, a legume that is native to the continent of India, some parts of Asia, as well as southern Europe. Licorice, or Liquorice as its referred to overseas, belongs to the kingdom Plantae, family of Fabaceae, and the gensus of Glycyrrhiza. The herb grows well throughout the world, but is primarily cultivated in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, China, and Turkey. The Licorice plants grows to about 1 meter in length and is harvested for its roots after several growing seasons.

Licorice's defining benefit is its ability to boost immunity and act as catalyst and harmonizer for other herbal ingredients. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties, and is often used in joint health formulas, digestive tonics and basic immunity remedies. It has also been used for brain health and to help maintain normal cognitive function through its supportive effects on the adrenal gland.