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Bhringaraj (Eclipta prostrata), sometimes referred to as Bringraj, Bhringraj or false daisy, is an herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family. There are four known species of this herb, and they are differentiated by the color of the flowers; red, blue, white, and yellow. The yellow and white Bhringaraj play a crucial role in traditional Ayurvedic healing. The white Bhringaraj is easily available because it grows rapidly in moist environments; the yellow species on the other hand, is not as easy to find and is quite scarce in the market. Bhringaraj is believed to be a very potent liver tonic, both white and yellow species. Bhringaraj is a moisture loving herb; it has a round, short, and flat stem along with little flowers at the end of a long stalk. This particular herb grows to about 3 inches, and the leaves are lance shaped and grow opposite each other. The roots of this plant are cylindrical in shape and gray in color.

Apart from being a very powerful tonic for the liver, Bhringaraj has numerous other benefits. It is one of the main herbs used for hair care and skin health in Ayurveda. In its oil form, it is used to support thinning or graying hair; and it's a very popular ingredient in hair formulations throughout the world. Bhringaraj is thought to improve overall hair health and restore vibrancy. An extract of the Bhringaraj herb can be applied on your skin to aid complexion as well. The root powder of Bhringaraj has also been used to support kidney and brain health.