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Nasya Oil

Nasya oil is an extremely popular Ayurvedic method for nasal cleansing. Of the Panchakarma therapies mentioned in Ayurveda texts, Nasya Oil is one of the five methods that can be used on their own. Nasya oil is comprised of herbal solutions and beneficial oils that give it its therapeutic effects. Nasya therapy is a method where the oil is administered through one's nostrils. Since the nose is considered a gateway to the head, this therapy is believed to protect and enhance immunity and clarify thinking. With the use of Nasya oil, the channels located in the mind are cleansed and opened, resulting in an improved oxygenation process. The effects of this oil encompass a positive impact on the overall functioning of the brain, and if used regularly,this form of Panchakarma therapy can be extremely beneficial in keeping your eyes, ears, nose and scalp healthy.

Benefits Of Nasya Oil:

  • Nasya oil aids in hair development as well as supporting the scalp
  • Therapies involving Nasya oil directly target sensory organs and enhance their activities while strengthening the body's protection mechanisms
  • Nasya's calming influence may decrease stress and improve aging, if used on a regular basis.
  • Administration of this oil is quite simple, just tilt your head back and pour or rub two drops into each nostril. Inhale through the nose deeply after administration and while keeping your head tilted backwards allow enough time for the oil to penetrate properly.