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Originally cultivated in the southern portion of China, Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale), was introduced to India through the spice trade connecting the Orient to Europe. The herb, known as Adrak in Hindi, quickly became a popular culinary ingredient in Indian cuisine as well as a useful health tonic in ancient Ayurveda. India is now the largest producer of ginger in the world.

Many people view ginger as an an Ayurvedic treasure chest. Taken before a meal, it has been used to help support metabolism and a healthy appetite by stimulating the digestive juices and aiding in the absorbtion of key nutrients. Ginger has also been used as a general digestive tonic to alleviate common stomach cramps or occasional nausea. It's anti-inflammatory properties have been known to support joint health - pour in some ginger essential oil in your bath water and lie in it for about an hour to relieve aching joints and muscles. Finally, ginger has been widely used to warm the body and support the lungs and respiratory system during periods of inclement weather.