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Skin Support

Skin support products in Ayurveda are used to keep the skin fresh, healthy, clear and well maintained. Ayurvedic skin support products are offered in the form of herbal soaps, natural pastes, hand and body lotions, rejuvenating herb baths and herbal supplements. Skin support herbal products are used for all skin types including normal, oily, dry and blemished skin. There is a wide assortment of Ayurvedic skin support products available, each with its own unique health-promoting and nourishing characteristics. Cleansing bars, which nourish and rejuvenate your skin, are used for preserving the youthfulness of facial skin and supporting the complexion. With regular use, these products help tone the skin, leaving it more vibrant, soft and new. Other skin support products are taken internally and used to cleanse the skin and blood of impurities. These blood and skin purifies are comprised of 5 or more different Ayurvedic cleansing herbs known to help rid your body of environmental toxins, which may be manifested on the skin. The cleansers primarily support a healthy blood, liver and lymphatic system, which in turn supports proper skin health.

In traditional Indian Ayurveda, many visible skin conditions are believed to be a product of high levels of pitta in the blood. Skin cleanse products help rid the blood of excess pitta, which helps maintain normal looking skin. This purification process also benefits circulatory health and releases negative emotions. Many skin support products are anchored by the herb, neem, which is extremely beneficial in the case of dried or irritated skin. Neem is known as a natural emollient; it also has soothing and toning properties and widespread use in over the entire spectrum of skin conditions. Another helpful ingredient used in Ayurvedic skin formulas is Tulsi, also referred to as Holy Basil, which helps protect and purify the skin from a range of environmental damage and toxins.